About NBWA

Newport Borough Water Authority

Our People

Board Members

Penny Frownfelter, Chairperson (717) 275-2513 | pfrownfelter@newportwater.com
Harry Fahnestock, Vice-Chairman (717) 756-9591
John McNaughton, Secretary
Gerald Robinson, Treasurer (717) 554-5367
Trevor Kaufman, Member

Staff Members

Dean Miller, Operations Manager (717) 567-6373 | dmiller@miller-env.com
Justin McNaughton, Senior Water Technician (717) 567-6373 | jsmcnaughton@newportwater.com
Debra Kunish, Secretary/Office Manager (717) 567-6373 | customerservice@newportwater.com

After Hours Water Emergencies

Call 717-567-6373.

In case of a water main break, call 717-567-6373 and choose option 8. After the tone, leave your name, number, address and the nature of the water emergency. A representative will be in contact within 15 minutes.

Our Guiding Principles


We produce high quality water for our residential, commercial, and industrial customers in a consistent and transparent way.


We aspire to a very high level of customer service and strive to make customer interaction with the NBWA a friendly and easy experience.


We endeavor to make decisions that are independent and objective.

Honesty, Trust and Respect

We aspire to the highest degree of integrity, honesty, trust, and respect in our interactions with our customers, vendors, stakeholders and the community.

Teamwork and Problem Solving

We strive to reach the NBWA’s goals through cooperative efforts and collaboration with each other, our vendors, consultants, and regulatory agencies. We work to solve problems in a creative and cost-effective manner.


We continuously develop ourselves, enhancing our talents, skills, and abilities.

NBWA Rules and Regulations

NBWA Rules & Regulations (PDF) (Updated July 10, 2017)

NBWA Fast Facts

  • The Newport Borough Water Authority was incorporated October 6, 1954 by the Borough of Newport after the purchase of the Newport Home Water Company which began operation in the late 1800’s.
  • The NBWA currently serves a population of 2,812 with residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • Currently all NBWA drinking source water is taken from five (5) large municipal groundwater wells.  One well is located within the limits of Newport Borough, one well is located just outside the Borough in Oliver Township, and three are located in Howe Township. NBWA also utilizes its state of the art membrane filtration plant to treat water from the Juniata River.
  • The NBWA controls and services approximately 14 miles of distribution pipes to deliver water to our customers.  Of those 14 miles – about 10 miles of the pipes have been replaced with new materials in an ongoing effort to update our infrastructure to prevent failures of the system.
  • Our operators control the process systems to produce approximately 190,000 gallons of treated drinking water per day.  This water is transferred to large storage tanks that have a total capacity of 750,000 gallons which represents about 3 days of peak usage.